Parents’ Area

Parents can get involved with Growing Up Wild too!

Welcome to our Parents’ Area where we will suggest exciting ideas for you to undertake as a family…

We encourage parents to head out into the wild with their girls. This is a great way to get the whole family involved and to get some fresh air.

Fear not…girls can still earn their Paw Print badges: all they have to do it report back to their Leaders about their adventures with wildlife. 

You’ll be out frolicking in fields and jumping in mud in no time with these helpful suggestions:

The Wildlife Trusts – 30 Days Wild

Make this the month where you do something wild every day! The Wildlife Trusts have a snazzy welcome pack to get you started (including a wallchart to track your progress). 

The National Trust – 50 Things to Do Before Your 11 ¾

Get ready to meet your own virtual Outdoors Explorer, who will show children 50 ways to get out of the house. The more activities completed the closer they get to a secret reward!


The RSPB Kids page is full of games, activities and facts! As a parent you can discover RSPB reserves and ‘Aren’t Birds Brilliant!’ sites, enabling you all to get closer to birds and other exciting species!

The WildTime Calendar

Do you want to plan a year’s worth of adventures? The RSPB, The National Trust and The Wild Network have created a calendar of inspiration for you! There are ideas for each of the seasons – including Easter trails and summer sleepouts.

The Wild Network 

Project Wild Thing is a film that was created to help reconcile the increasingly disparate connection between children and nature. As a result of this film The Wild Network was born; a collaboration of organisations created to champion outdoor education and fun! 

Once you have completed a Growing Up Wild Paw Print badge be sure to let us know how it went by sharing your ideas!